goVanpool Policy

Registered Vanpool
  • A registered vanpool consists of seven or more people sharing one vehicle to commute to the UC Davis campus.
  • One member of the vanpool must be designated as the Vanpool Coordinator, who will serve as the primary contact person between the vanpool and TAPS.  

Vanpool Parking Permit

  • The vanpool parking permit will be assigned to one member of the vanpool
  • Payment for the vanpool permit may be made in the form of Visa, MasterCard, cash or a single check or money order payable to “UC Regents” or by payroll deduction of a single, qualified vanpool rider.
  • The vanpool parking permit is not transferable to other vehicles owned or operated by members of the vanpool. 
Pre-tax Payroll Deduction Benefits
  • Eligible UC Davis faculty and staff members may enroll in pre-tax payroll deduction to pay monthly vanpool fees. Eligibility requirements are as follows:
    • The employee must have an appointment in the UC Davis payroll system with a non-student classification
    • The appointment must be 50% time or greater
    • The end date of the appointment must be more than six months from the date of enrollment
  • The Federal limit for pre-tax deductions is $265 per month (as of January 1, 2019).
  • To enroll in pre-tax payroll deduction, you must submit a payroll deduction enrollment form to TAPS by the 5th of the month to begin paying for the vanpool the following month. 
Complimentary Parking Permits
  • A complimentary goClub parking permit is assigned to each qualified goVanpool member each fiscal year.
  • Each complimentary permit will provide up to 24 uses, prorated based on the date that the permit is issued. Two days of parking will be provided for each month remaining in the fiscal year (through June 30th).
  • If membership in the goClub is cancelled prior to June 30th, boxes used in excess of the two per month from the date of issuance will be charged the current daily visitor rate per box. Permits that are not returned upon cancellation will be assumed used and charged accordingly.
  • Either an “A” or “C” type parking permit will be issued depending on eligibility.
  • Customers qualified to receive “C” type permits will be required to provide TAPS with proof of vehicle registration at the time of permit pick up, and the vehicle license plate number will be recorded on the permit. These permits are non-transferrable.
  • A $15 administrative fee will be applied for a replacement permit to be issued during continuous use.
  • Distribution of the complimentary permits is the responsibility of the Vanpool Coordinator.
  • Complimentary permits are VALID:
    • Only when the date is properly and legibly completed in blue or black ballpoint pen (do not use pencil or felt tip pen), with the day of the week circled.
    • When date boxes are utilized chronologically and in numerical order.
    • On campus and in UC Davis Health Systems facilities where “A” or “C” permits are honored (as specified on the permit).
    • Through the expiration date of the permit.
    • When used by the individual to whom they are issued.
  • Complimentary permits are NOT VALID if:
    • The date is illegible or the day of the week is not circled.
    • When parked in any restricted area.
    • The permit has been altered or changed in any way.
    • Used in an area where the permit is not valid.
    • The date is written in pencil or felt tip pen such as a Sharpie.
    • Used after participation in the goClub has ended.
    • Used after the expiration date on the permit.
    • The date boxes are utilized out of numerical order.
    • Used by anyone other than the individual to whom they are issued.
    • Displayed in a vehicle registered/belonging to a campus housing resident.
    • Used after being reported lost or stolen.
  • Misuse of the complimentary permit may result in revocation of permit privileges (for a minimum of an academic quarter.) Citation issuance is appropriate for display of a lost, stolen, altered or revoked permit. Individuals may be subject to additional sanctions as needed.
  • Lost or stolen parking permits should be reported immediately to TAPS. Replacements will not be issued for lost or stolen complimentary permits.
Emergency Ride Home Program
  • goClub members who live outside the City of Davis are eligible for the TAPS Emergency Ride Home (ERH) Program. If an emergency situation develops and other transportation options are not feasible, TAPS will provide an emergency ride to your home or commute starting point.
    • ERH services are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm. Rides may not always be immediately available upon request. TAPS will do its best to accommodate rider requests promptly.
    • Rides are not provided for the following reasons: working overtime, night classes, transit malfunctions or delays, medical appointments, business travel, or personal errands.
  • goClub members who live within the City of Davis are not eligible to participate in the TAPS provided Emergency Ride Home Program. However, Yolo TMA provides an emergency ride home program for UC Davis employees up to six times per year. To be eligible for the Yolo TMA emergency ride home program, you must join the regional Commuter Club:
    • Visit
    • Choose “new user” option from the “Commuter Club Login” section of the home page
    • Choose “UC Davis faculty & staff” as your employer
    • When the registration is complete, choose “Emergency Ride Home” from the menu on the left side of the page 
Cancellation of goClub Membership
  • To cancel your goClub membership, please do one of the following:
    • Visit
    • Choose the “Current Members” link from the “Quick Links” menu on the left side of the page.
    • Log in using your Kerberos ID and password
  • Visit the TAPS office and inform the Customer Service Representative that you would like to cancel your goClub membership.
  • If membership in the goClub is cancelled prior to June 30th, boxes used in excess of the two per month from the date of issuance will be charged the current daily visitor rate per box. Permits that are not returned upon cancellation will be assumed used and charged accordingly.
  • To purchase a parking permit online, you must first cancel your goClub membership online or in person at TAPS.