JUMP Bikes

JUMP Bikes are now available at UC Davis

What is JUMP Bikeshare?

“Bikeshare” is a business model that works like an automated bicycle rental service. Download the app, make an account, associate a credit card with your account, and you’re ready to rent a bike. It's also "dockless" which means you can end your ride anytime by simply using the integrated U-lock and locking up to any bike rack on the campus or in the City of Davis. Lastly, JUMP bikes are electric pedal assist which means that the onboard electric motor gives you a boost with every pedalstroke. There is no throttle on these bikes, so you'll have to pedal, albeit with much less effort than usual, to go anywhere.

How much does it cost?

Option 1: General Public Monthly
  • Pay $30/month and get 1 hour per day of JUMP bike use. Every minute over that daily hour costs $0.07.
  • To enroll, email support@jump.com and tell them you would like the to enroll with a “monthly subscription” as detailed on their website here: https://jump.com/cities/sacramento/.
Option 2: General Public Pay-As-You-Go
  • $1.50 for each of the first 10 minutes and then $0.20 for each minute after.
Option 3: "Student" Plan
  • This introductory offer will allow UC Davis affiliates with an @UCDavis.edu email address (not just students) access to one year of JUMP Bike access for only $30! With this membership, you'll get 1 hour of JUMP bike use every day for one year and will be charged for $0.07/minute for every minute beyond that one hour. Just register for a JUMP account using your @UCDavis.edu email address to be automatically enrolled in this payment option.
Option 4: "BOOST" Plan
  • This introductory offer is targeted at those with verified financial need. Anyone receiving benefits from the SMUD Energy Assistance Program, WIC, SHRA, PG&E CARE, or Cal Fresh is eligible for a 12-month membership for only $5! For more information, visit https://jump.com/cities/sacramento/boost-plan/ .

    How do I join?

    Download the iOS or Android app and register within the app.

    More Questions!

    Walk me through these features. What's so good about the bike?

    This bicycle is obviously very cleverly designed.

    • Step-through frame - For easy mounting/dismounting.
    • Saddle - Wide with a cut-out. You can adjust the saddle height for people as short as 5-feet and as tall 6-foot 10-inches. Anyone outside of that range may have a hard time riding the bike.
    • Lighting & Reflectors - Bicycle lights (front and rear) are integrated and the bike comes with all reflectors required by the California Vehicle Code.
    • Basket - The handlebar-mounted basket is perforated to let out spills and the rain.
    • Brakes - Drum brakes
    • Gears - 3-speed internally geared hub with very low gearing in the event that you find yourself pedaling one of these bikes without any electric assist
    Can I really park this bike anywhere when we're done with it?

    Almost. On campus and in the City of Davis, you can lock up a JUMP bike at any standard bike rack that is accessible by the public. You'll notice that locking up a JUMP bike to those very old racks that just hold the wheel won't work, so stay away from those. Also, please don't simply lock the bike to itself and leave it on a walkway. JUMP may actually fine you for doing so.

    Additionally, the JUMP "service area" in Davis is very large, but not 100% inclusive of all parts of the city. You have to park within the maps's boundary to avoid fines. You can see the map after making an account and logging in.

    Someone left a JUMP Bike outside of a bike parking area! What can I do to make sure this doesn't happen again?

    And you can help correct the issue. If you want to help the JUMP users to be held accountable for their bad parking jobs, you can send a quick report to JUMP for them to take action. Here’s how:

    1. Note the JUMP bike number on the rear fender, the current date, and the current time.
    2. Take a photo of the bad parking job (showing that the bike is obstructing stairs or a walkway, for example).
    3. Send the photo to Support@JUMPBikes.com with this in the email body: “Bike ##### was parked obstructing pedestrian access at <time> on <date>.”

    That’s it. With the JUMP bike number, time, and date, JUMP will have enough information to find out who the last user was and either warn or fine the user for breaching the JUMP rental agreement. (Section 5(g): Ensure your LEV is not blocking a sidewalk, pathway, bus stop, crosswalk, or wheelchair ramp.)

    My bike's battery died on me! Now what do I do?

    The battery's dead, but your bike is not. Pedal to a bike rack (or better yet, the nearest recharge hub shown on your JUMP bike app's map) and tap the repair button on the bike's computer. That will signal to JUMP that the bike is in need of a charge.

    Something else is wrong with the bike. What now?

    Report the issue via the JUMP smartphone app.

    How many bikes are on campus? How many will there be?

    Well, we're part of a larger, regional system, so don't think of it in terms of "UC Davis has X number of bikes". As of Fall 2019, the Davis/UC Davis area has between 150 and 200 bikes at any given time.

    There aren't enough JUMP Bikes! How do we get more?

    Since there are going to be so few bikes at first, relying on utilization numbers likely won't be fully representative of actual demand. If you want to ride a JUMP bike but there aren’t enough around, click here to send the Transportation Demand Manager (Ramon Zavala) a message and let him know! The more demand we can prove, the quicker we can get JUMP to bring more bikes to campus.

    This seems really great, but it's time to come clean. How much is UC Davis paying to have these bikes on campus?

    Nothing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. NADA! Transportation Services will spend some money to install a couple signs and some charging stations when they're ready, but otherwise we're not paying for the bikes. This is the power of regional partnerships! In that vein, we would like to send a special thanks out to our partners at the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (who organized this entire effort) as well as everyone who worked on making this a reality here at UC Davis, in the Cities of Davis, West Sacramento, and Sacramento as well as our partners at Sacramento State. Oh, yes- We can't forget to give a giant "THANK YOU!" to JUMP Bikes who is funding the first 900 bikes in this regional system.