More Students Don’t Care about Helmet Hair

Helmet Hair

Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) recently received the 2019 National College Health Assessment Data, and the data showed, among other things, a promising uptick in the number of UC Davis students who wear helmets when riding their bicycle. Go Aggies!

Bicycle helmet usage among UC Davis students, both undergraduate and graduate, continues to increase, showing:

  • 11.7% of undergraduate students report they mostly or always wear bike helmets (11.4% increase over 2017)
  • 46.9% of graduate students report they mostly wear bike helmets (9% increase from 2017)
  • 68.1% of students have seen the Helmet Hair, Don't Care messaging on campus
  • 8.2% of the 68.1% of students signed the pledge to get a free helmet because of the campus signage

Programs like Helmet Hair, Don’t Care (HHDC), run by SHCS, have been helping to change the trend of cycling helmet-free through campus. HHDC aims to increase UC Davis students’ access to safe and comfortable helmets. In exchange for a free helmet, students are encouraged to take the HHDC pledge and to wearing a helmet while riding their bicycle.

“Buying a helmet is not a financial priority for many students. I'm so grateful for the support for the HHDC Pledge Program, because it increases access to helmets and normalizes wearing a helmet,” says Shantille Connolly, Health Promotion Specialist with SHCS, who oversees the HHDC program in collaboration with the Bike Barn and the Bicycle Program with Transportation Services. “If you have a helmet, wear it! If you don’t have a helmet, take the pledge with Helmet Hair, Don’t Care and receive a free helmet to help protect yourself.”

By signing the pledge, students are joining a community of individuals dedicated to decreasing the number of bicycle crash-related injuries.

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