UPDATE: Passed! - Unitrans Winter 2019 Fee Referendum

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Vote for UnitransUPDATE: Passed! - Unitrans Winter 2019 Fee Referendum

Last week, the Associated Students of UC Davis Elections Committee announced that the Unitrans Winter 2019 Fee Referendum passed with a 91.6% “yes” vote and a 35% undergraduate voter turnout--far exceeding what was expected. The goClub commends the undergraduate student body for recognizing just how valuable Unitrans is to the campus. Next week, Unitrans will celebrate its 51st anniversary, and with this “yes” vote, undergraduates have ensured Unitrans will be on a stable financial footing to serve UC Davis undergraduates for many anniversaries to come.

See original article below outlining details of the referendum:

Transportation Services and the goClub urge all undergraduates to vote on the Unitrans Fee Referendum between February 19-21st.

UC Davis undergraduates will be asked to vote on on a support fee referendum to maintain and improve Unitrans service.

If the referendum passes, Unitrans will be financially stable moving forward. All funds raised will be used to pay for wages associated with the increasing minimum wage, bus maintenance, fuel, and all the other stuff that keeps the buses moving.

If the referendum doesn’t pass… Well, you thought the buses were crowded now?

Why is Unitrans on the ballot?

Starting in January 2017, the California State minimum wage is required to increase $1 per hour per year through January 2022, which increases operations costs because drivers must be paid more.

In addition, upcoming changes to federal transit training regulations means Unitrans must hire career staff to train drivers. So, training drivers will become more expensive.

Without any additional revenues, these cost increases mean Unitrans will have no choice but to make major cuts to services starting next academic year. Click here for the official referendum ballot text.

How much is needed to continue the Unitrans service I use today?

To mitigate increasing costs, less than $4.50/month ($13.33/qtr) is needed in the 2019-20 academic year. As the minimum wage continues to increase, so will these fees, until they are indexed to inflation in 2023 to ensure Unitrans is financially viable into the future.

25% of the fee will be returned to student aid as required by University of California policy. This helps fund students who are in financial need.

Current Fee: $34.50/quarter

Proposed Additional Quarterly Fee
Academic Year Returned to Unitrans Returned to Aid Total Cost per Quarter
2019-2020 $10 $3.33 $13.33
2020-2021 $16 $5.33 $21.33
2021-2022 $22 $7.33 $29.33
2022-2023 $28 $9.33 $37.33
2023-2024+ Indexed to inflation Indexed to inflation Indexed to inflation

Here's a video to break it all down: