Bicycle Auction

Join us for the spring Bicycle Auction! Bid on over 400 unclaimed bicycles including cruisers, road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX, single speeds and kids' bikes. We'll be accepting cash, checks and Visa and Mastercard.

Bicycle Program Rates

Registration - License and Renewal $12.00 (license good for 3 years) Registration - Renewal only* $6.00 Locker/Cage Deposit** $20.00 Bike Locker/Cage**  (monthly) $10.00/month Bike Storage*** (summer) $25.00/summer Impounds $10.00 Transfer License $1.00 Replacement Sticker $1.00

* Good for 3 years
** A one-time, refundable deposit of $20 is due prior to use. The monthly rate, must be paid in full through June 30th