goBusThe UC Davis campus and City of Davis are served by all our surrounding counties' bus services. As a registered goBus member, you may purchase discounted bus passes on Unitrans, Yolobus, Regional Transit and Fairfield Suisun Transit (FAST). For current goBus discounted rates, see below.

goBus members receive the following benefits & incentives:


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Buy Your Transit Pass @ TAPS

Need your transit pass now? Buy it at TAPS! Each of the passes below are available during regular business hours. The general public may purchase any pass at full price. Discounted prices are only available to UC Davis affiliates registered as commuting by specific modes.

Mode Transit System Product Price Discount You Pay  
goWalk Unitrans 10-Rides Pass $7.50 (-$2.50) $5.00  
goBike Unitrans 10-Rides Pass $7.50 (-$2.50) $5.00  
goBus Unitrans Annual Pass $216.00 (-$60.00) $156.00  
goBus Unitrans Quarterly Pass $77.00 (-$23.00) $54.00  
goBus Unitrans Monthly Pass $30.00 (-$10.00) $20.00  
goBus FAST SolanoExpress Blue Line (Solano County) - 31 Day Pass $70.00 (-$30.00) $40.00  
goBus FAST SolanoExpress Blue Line (Outside Solano County) $114.00 (-$30.00) $84.00  
goTrain Amtrak Commuter Check (Transit Voucher) $50.00 (-$30.00) $20.00  

UCD-UCDMC Intercampus Shuttle

The UCD-UCDMC Intercampus shuttle is co-funded by the UC Davis campus in the City of Davis and the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento and serves UC Davis affiliates and patients only (it is not open to the public). Shuttle operations are managed by UCDMC's Parking and Transportation Services department.

Click here for locations where Intercampus Shuttle Passes are sold, fare prices, and pass policy. Drivers do not accept cash fare and passes must be acquired prior to boarding the shuttle.

You can find the shuttle's schedule here.

FAST's SolanoExpress Blue Line

The SolanoExpress Blue Line is provided by FAST & Soltrans and is the best transit deal around for anyone living in or near Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield, Benecia, or near the Pleasant Hill BART Station. That's right, it even connects to BART! (The Blue Line also goes to Sacramento, but the route doesn't facilitate a morning commute from Sacramento just yet.)

  • Learn about SolanoExpress' pass types and route schedule
  • There are two different bus passes to choose from. If you are boarding the SolanoExpress or disembarking at the Pleasant Hill BART Station, you will need to purchase the Blue Line "Outside Solano County" pass. For all other stops, you just need the "Solano County" pass.

    The Blue Line bus passes are valid for 31-Days from the first time you use them (different from Unitrans or Yolobus passes that are valid only for specific calendar months).

    You can find the Blue Line schedule here. If the transit schedule is too confusing, just email us at the goClub and we'll happily help your plan your Solano Express commute.

UC Davis-UC Berkeley Shuttle

The Intercampus Bus service provides transportation between the University of California Davis and Berkeley campuses for UCD/UCB faculty, staff and registered students. The Intercampus Bus service runs year around, seven days a week, with the exception of some holidays. The schedule for the Intercampus Bus service is available here. The bus service may not be used for commuting to a place of non-UCD/UCB employment or by non-UCD/UCB personnel. Reservations are required. Learn more at the FAQ page.

Learn more about the bus systems and routes serving your area: 

Unitrans  Yolobus  Sacramento Regional Transit FAST


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